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The Unit Command Climate Assessment and Survey System (UCCASS) (pronounced yoo-kas) is a PHP based survey script that allows you to create online surveys. Originally designed for organizations to administer Command Climate Assessments (annual surveys), the program can be used to create any type of online survey or questionnaire.
Latest News
  • Pink for October 01Oct06: The site's gone Pink for October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • UCCASS v1.8.1 Released 30May05: This new release includes minor changes to accomodate alternate character sets including UTF-8, BIG5 and Shift_JS (among others). This will allow international users to use a character set that includes the characters for their native language. This release also fixes an annoying bug that added quotes and slashes around answer values when adding new text boxes. Visit the UCCASS page to download the latest version (you can upgrade from any previous version withouth losing your surveys or results). Enjoy!
  • UCCASS v1.8.0 Released: Enjoy the new access controls and other additions. Click on the download link above for the files.
  • Two new mailing lists have been created. UCCASS-Announce is a low volume, moderated list that will be used for announcing general program developments and new versions available for download. UCCASS-General is an open email list that can be used for support, feature requests and any other general discussion regarding the UCCASS project.
Some of the features of UCCASS include:
  • Web-based installation
  • Smarty template engine and ADOdb database abstraction layer
  • Unlimited surveys, questions, and answers with public and private surveys and results
  • Answers can be large or small text areas, multiple choice with the ability to choose one or more answers, and matrix (or grid) type layouts and questions can be marked as required or optional
  • Dependencies allow questions to be hidden or required based upon answers to previous questions, creating the ability to have separate branches in the survey
  • Survey results shown as bar graphs with customizable images for each answer
  • Survey results filtered according to the results of any question (you can view the results of all the questions just for those users to answered a specific question or questions with a specific answer or answers)
  • Create a new survey from scratch or copy an existing survey so you don't have to recreate all of your work
  • Complete list of features can be found in the documentation.
  • Released under the Affero General Public License.

[ Screenshot 1 ] Access to public and private surveys and results
[ Screenshot 2 ] Taking a survey (multiple choice and text answer type shown)
[ Screenshot 3 ] Taking a survey (matrix answer type shown)
[ Screenshot 4 ] Results of survey
[ Screenshot 5 ] Results of a question where users can type in an answer
[ Screenshot 6 ] Editing the questions of a survey
A demonstration of the survey system can be found at The demonstration system provides all of the features listed above and allows you to take, edit, create, and view the results of any survey. An example public and private survey are already created.
The only limitation placed on the demonstration system is that all passwords are automatically set to password. This applies to the administrator password, also.
Please do not post any rude or offensive questions, answers, or results. If you notice any offensive content, please report it or feel free to delete it if it's a question or answer type/value.
Please e-mail any questions or comments to or use the Forums.
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